The Nightingale

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Author: Kristin Hannah

Pages: 465
Description: MaryF wrote: “Emily May wrote: “[cups vs. other measurements In my experience, this is not true. I’ve only seen French recipes in centilitre/decilitre/gramme/kilogramme/etc. Do you have a specific reason for bel…”

I don’t really know what you think I can offer here. The book is historical fiction, very loosely based on a real guy. It’s in the historical fiction section in my local library, in the bookstores and on Goodreads. It seems you take issue with some people choosing to believe there’s more truth in it than there is– frustrating maybe, but I don’t think people care enough to change their minds. I think it’s more fun for them to believe it’s true. I have already written a review stating how it was fictionalized and embellished; some people will care, others will not, but either way I’m not going to start a petition about it.
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